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Antstone Consulting offers a wide range of services to students who wish to study in Australia and later to apply for permanent residence

Educational Program
Our educational program includes admission to educational institutions for a variety of courses, certificates, diploma, degree and postgraduate studies.

We provide admission to different Universities according to the subjects selected. We are agents for many Australian Universities.

There are some bridging coursers for Nurses to qualify them to Register with Victorian Nurses Board. Then qualify for PR.

We assist to get enrollment in the selected course for the student, considering their ability, finance, English proficiency and career motivation. We assist them with student visa processing.

Those who complete the course here are assisted with application for PR, transfer of courses, job placement including overseas countries such as US and England, immigration and online education facilities

Student Visa
Students are given with special concession in their point test and now Australia would like to retain the skilled and the intelligent. Students can apply from here and special concessions with bonus points are a big plus for students.

The number of overseas students in Australia has been growing at around 20% per year and there are no around 70,000. Many overseas countries recognises that Australia has a well developed and high quality education system.

Students are allowed to work for 20 hours during the term and as much as during vacations. Members of the family unit are also allowed to work. If a student is doing a Masters degree or a Doctorate degree, family members have unrestricted work rights. In the USA students can only work, on campus. To keep a student visa the student must maintain 80% attendance and fulfill course requirements.

However students are obliged to have adequate and required attendance and performance stipulated by institute. Students are required to maintain adequate health cover for the length of the course.

Student (Study and migrate. Bonus points and discounts on AGENT FEES for students and could apply from here after study.)

Guidelines For Students
The choice of what, where and when to study can be confusing. We provide you with up to date information on quality schools, colleges and Universities to suit your goals and budget. Accredited courses available for overseas students range from English to Business to Naturopathy, from Music to Tourism to Computers.

We advise you and will promptly answer questions on tuition fees, entrance requirements, starting dates, facilities, class sizes, etc. And if you need help with your student visa application we can help there too. Students and their families are allowed to work, so to help you get a job you can also have your qualifications and references translated by our accredited translators. Many overseas people recognise that Australia has a well developed and high quality education system, many support services, a cosmopolitan population, and a safe and pleasant environment.

A student visa is for full-time study, usually 25 hrs per week. Courses less than 12 weeks and for study not leading to formal awards can be undertaken on a tourist or working holiday visa.

It is now possible for people from gazetted countries to transfer from a tourist visa or working holiday visa to a student visa in Australia. Students have to remain with the institution for the first 12 months of the course or the length of the course if it is shorter than a year unless they get permission from DIMA to transfer. This is possible only under exceptional circumstances.

To guarantee quality courses must be approved by the government before they can be included on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Tuition fees must be placed in a trust account and can only be drawn down according to government guidelines.

The student first enrols in the school and then takes their acceptance letter to the nearest Australian Embassy to apply for the visa. The student visa application fee is currently $290 and registration fees for schools range from $100 to around $300. These fees are non-refundable in the case that the application is unsuccessful. An application may be rejected if the Immigration officer does not believe that the applicant is a genuine student or if the student does not have enough money to support themselves during their stay. Prospective students from non-gazetted countries must do a Pre-visa Assessment before enrolling and applying for a visa.

Assessment Form
Please click here to access the migraton assessment form. The information that you enter here is confidential and will be used to assess your chances of being granted a student visa to study in Australia. Please note, this is not an immigration application form.

Application costs and processing charges

There are a number of costs to be paid to the Department of Immigration, medical examination Skill assessment charges, translations, English examination, Assurance of support, professionals fees- registered migration agent. The fees that are applicable in your case will be clearly advised after the free initial assessment.

Your registered Agent will assist in the preparation of the skills Assessment application after preliminary evaluation of each case.

Payment Terms
IF you cannot submit the Student Assessment form through internet, take a print out and complete the form and send or fax to:
Antstone Consulting
P.O. Box 207
Vic. 3064, Australia.

There is a registration and an initial assessment fee of AUD 95/-.


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